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Bellegarde Baking Workshop

  • Bellegarde Bakery 3609 Toledano St New Orleans, LA 70125 United States (map)

Join Bellegarde's Graison Gill and Morgan Angelle to learn how to use stone-milled flour to make perfect dishes, from bread to pizza to desserts! From grinding stone-milled flour, through the prep and baking process, this hands-on class will teach you the ins and outs of this skillful process. 

No baking experience is required to participate. All lessons are suitable to home kitchens and home equipment.


Class Details:

  • Discussion of baking and milling history; ingredients and methods used in each. Context of localities and regions in shaping bread and milling traditions. Tasting of store bought bread and flour.

  • Demonstration of stone milling. Explanation with different grains and the flour spectrum (fine, medium, coarse) and extraction rates. Tour of BELLEGARDE's stone mill.

  • Introduction to the basic tools of baking (suitable for home use).

  • Hand-mixing and baking with freshly stone-milled flour.

You will learn to make:

  1.  Country Bread, sourdough made with freshly milled wheat.

  2. Mufaletta Bread, made with freshly milled durum and Texas Olive Oil.

  3. Sfincione, traditional Sicilian pizza made with breadcrumbs, tomatoes, anchovies, and Caciocavallo cheese.

  4. Fresh Flour Galette, made with seasonal fruit