Our Process

All of our breads are made entirely by hand. We gently mix, shape, and ferment all of our breads overnight. All of our breads are leavened with sourdough, and some also receive a small amount of instant yeast (baguette, ciabatta.) All doughs are then divided, shaped, and baked in our hearth oven before being individually packed and hand-delivered to our customers. There are no machines to do our work in the bakery--we only have wrists and hands and hearts.

With world-class ingredients, freshly milled flour, and traditional methods, our bread is a testament to craftsmanship: personal, patient, pure. We are ingredient-driven and craft-dictated: flavor dictates technique and terroir is the engine of everything.

We treat wheat like other people treat grapes. And oysters. And milk. And coffee. And meat. And music. Quality depends on where it comes from. We choose what we we buy what we mill and what we bake from the people who produce those ingredients. We don't let anyone decide that for us.

We control everything on our supply chain.

Food is karma: what goes in, comes out.

That's why, to get the best, we put in the best. 

That's why our bread is the best.

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What Makes us Different?

We actively preserve the wholesome properties of wheat by stone milling our whole grain flours in-house on a 40-inch stone mill. With the largest stone-milling capabilities in the South, we provide the highest-quality product while preserving the dietary quality of whole grains like wheat, corn, rye and rice.

Many people who have gluten sensitivities have no stomach trouble with breads at Bellegarde. We use a slow fermentation process and superior ingredients which result in a bread unlike any other. Commercial, supermarket and artisan breads employ white flour and shorter proofing times which often disrupt, enflame and create the litany of health issues surrounding wheat and gluten intolerance and sensitivity.

In addition to Tabasco, we are the only company in the world that uses all-natural salt in our bread products direct from Avery Island, Louisiana.

We are pushing the boundaries of flavor and texture by using less, not by using more. Other than filtered water and leavening, nothing except patience and passion goes into our breads.