Welcome to Bellegarde.

Our retail bakery is NOW open! Walk-in customers now have the opportunity to purchase freshly baked breads available only in-store, freshly stone-milled flour and heirloom grits, custom-blended drip coffee from Congregation Coffee, and branded merchandise.

The menu will continue to expand throughout 2019 with additional pastry, pizza, pasta and bread options

Bellegarde Bakery

8300 Apple Street

Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Saturday

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Specialty Items Available:

In addition to our staple wholesale loaves, we will also offer the following specialty items, with rotating flavors:

  • Sandwich Loaf: Wednesday - Saturday

  • Cookies: Friday - Saturday

  • Bialy: Saturday

  • Rye: Wednesday + Friday

  • Focaccia: seasonal

  • Bread Stencils - available upon request

NEW! Fresh Pasta Now Available!

Bellegarde now offers freshly made pasta in a variety of shapes from our retail store! Our pasta is made with 100% freshly stone milled flour from the bakery and is a perfect complement to any meal.

Available pasta shapes: Casarecce (100% Organic Wheat), Malfaldine (100% Durum Flour), Rigatoni (100% Durum Flour), Spaghetti (100% Organic Wheat) and Strozzapreti (100% Organic Wheat).

Our Mills. 

The quality of food is dictated by the quality of its ingredients. This is why we source our ingredients directly from the people who make them. 

At BELLEGARDE, we produce fresh flour using our own stone mills. We realized that using fresh, stone-milled flour completely changed the flavor of our breads. We've never looked back. 

The milling process determines the nutritional value of the wheat berry: Industrial roller milling discards the germ and bran—the most nutritionally-significant aspect of the berry—because it cracks the grain through a series of pins. Stone milling - our process at Bellegarde - respects and preserves the nutritional integrity of whole grains because the grain is passed in its entirety through two natural granite stones. All goes in, all comes out.

Fresh, wholesome, alive: stone-milled flour is crafted on technology as old as civilization itself. Thorough technique—coupled with exceptional ingredients— creates the most nutritious and extraordinary food. We are committed to reviving the integrity of bread and realized that in order to do so, we had to resuscitate the integrity of flour by milling it ourselves.

What Makes us Different?

We actively preserve the wholesome properties of wheat by stone milling our whole grain flours in-house on a 40-inch stone mill. With the largest stone-milling capabilities in the South, we provide the highest-quality product while preserving the dietary quality of whole grains like wheat, corn, rye and rice.

Many people who have gluten sensitivities have no stomach trouble with breads at Bellegarde. We use a slow fermentation process and superior ingredients which result in a bread unlike any other. Commercial, supermarket and artisan breads employ white flour and shorter proofing times which often disrupt, enflame and create the litany of health issues surrounding wheat and gluten intolerance and sensitivity.

In addition to Tabasco, we are the only company in the world that uses all-natural salt in our bread products direct from Avery Island, Louisiana.

We are pushing the boundaries of flavor and texture by using less, not by using more. Other than filtered water and leavening, nothing except patience and passion goes into our breads.