Bellegarde provides freshly stone milled flour and sourdough bread to more than 120 restaurants and markets in Louisiana.

Consistently named one of the country's best bakeries, Bellegarde began on St. Joseph's Day in 2013 and is named after the very first bakery in Louisiana, which opened in 1722. Unlike any other bakery in the region, Bellegarde works directly with farmers and food producers to maintain the identity preservation of an ingredient - the key to its flavor and nutrition. This is why Bellegarde buys ingredients directly from the people who make them.

Bellegarde prides itself on guiding values of transparency and traceability: using only the best ingredients to ensure its integrity is maintained with only the best baking and milling methods. 


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Every piece of BELLEGARDE bread is gently shaped, mixed, baked, packed and fermented overnight by our bakers using freshly stone-milled flour, sourdough, pure Louisiana salt and filtered water. Our in-house stone mill preserves the dietary quality of heirloom whole grains like wheat, corn, rye and rice; we provide only the highest-quality product to our customers. The proof is in the flavor: the best flour makes the best bread.


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Our Classes.

BELLEGARDE hosts monthly baking and tasting workshops for both the general public and professional chefs. We only use freshly milled flour from our stone mill. Our workshops are experiences where consumers can interact with our grains, flours, methods, and breads. The more you share and give away, the more you receive: the more you teach, the more you know.

Demystifying the creation of bread—flour, water, salt, sourdough—allows our customers to appreciate our bread and brand. We teach students the alphabet of wheat/flour/bread so that they may speak its language: an educated consumer is a lifelong customer. 

No experience is necessary and all lessons are tailored to translate in the home kitchen. If interested in a private class or an in-service, please let us know. We’re happy to curate our experiences to your expectations.


Contact Us.

Whether a restaurant, retail location or individual in-need of some high-quality ingredients, we'd love to provide you with the best. 

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