About: Changing the game with this recipe: Southern pizza made with heirloom cornmeal and cold-pressed Pecan oil!  The oil adds a wonderful creaminess and fullness; tenderizing the crumb and making it more supple. (This recipe can also be adapted to be made with sourdough.)  The corn yields a delicious aroma and texture. Dress the dough with sauce, toppings, and give it a full proof before baking in a very hot oven. 

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Mixing: Combine flour and 90% of the water in a container. Stir and mix using a ‘claw’ until it’s a shaggy mass. Cover, let rest 60 minutes. Add remaining water, oil, and salt: mix thoroughly. Fold 5-7 times at 15 minute intervals. Divide and stretch to sheet tray. Let rest 20 minutes; then add toppings. Wrap sheet tray in plastic and retard in fridge overnight. Bake the next day in at 550* for five minutes, then drop to 500*, until desired doneness.