Grain Customers

The following business’ support and serve fresh flour locally produced by BELLEGARDE. If your favorite restaurant is not on this list, remind the chef that if their flours and grits aren’t organic or stone-milled, they’re most likely serving GMO food to your community. Bad for Louisiana’s ecology, bad for your body, bad for your community, and bad on taste. Begin asking for freshly stone milled flours today!

Emeril’s: Organic Wheat Flour, Heirloom Cornmeal.

Domenica: Heirloom Corn; Organic Wheat Flour; Durum Flour.

Angeline: Heirloom Corn; Organic Wheat Flour.

The Country Club:  Heirloom Corn.


La Boulangerie: Organic Wheat Flour.

Coquette: Heirloom Corn; Heirloom Rye Flour.

Merchant: Organic Buckwheat.

TwoChicks Cafe: Organic Buckwheat.

Marjie’s Grill: Heirloom Corn.

Compere Lapin: Heirloom Corn.

Johnny Sanchez: Heirloom Corn.

MoPho: Heirloom Rye Flour.

Peche: Heirloom Corn; Organic Wheat Flour.

Toup’s (both locations): Heirloom Corn.

Echo’s Pizza: Organic Wheat Flour.